how to lose weight or gain weight

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Weight loss Diet plans

Weight Loss

Weight loss Diet plans

Weight Gain

 This website was created to help you lose or gain weight. Years of experience in nutritional consulting helped us to develop a successful weight management algorithm. Our diet is based on a scientific method, but is very easy to implement in your daily life.

 Our nutritionist researched with particular attention how ordinary people can diet easily without restricting themselves and spending a lot of time cooking or choosing food. With the diet developed by us, you will be able to eat healthy and tasty foods without giving up your dietary preferences.

 For the diet, we have chosen common foods that are available in different parts of the world. By using our diet, you will be able to develop new healthy eating habits. These habits will allow you to maintain your results for as long as you want.

 Delicious dishes are an important part of our diet. Everything that will be offered to you has been tested in real life by nutritionists.

 For the diet plan, we chose common foods that are available in different parts of the world. These products are available in every local store. Our diet plan will help you to develop healthy eating habits. These habits will allow you to maintain the result for as long as you want. Also, following our diet plan you will learn how to control your appetite. This will help you to quit the addiction to sweets or unhealthy foods.

 On the contrary, we have also prepared recommendations for people with poor appetite. We are ready to share all the secrets of nutrition with you to help you achieve your goal. Our diet plan will be prepared just for you. Creating your personalized diet plan, we will consider all important data about you: your height, weight, age, physical activity and your dietary preferences. That is why you will get maximum efficiency in weight loss or gain.

 To get your personal diet plan, you don't need to go anywhere, you don't need to make an appointment with the nutritionist. It will take very little time. Get your diet right now

Customer stories

Weight Loss Diet


Age 26 years old. On maternity leave. Almost no free time. Gained weight after childbirth. Eats healthy foods. Despite moving around a lot, she does not lose weight. During the telephone conversation, she had a nutritional analysis and identified the reasons preventing her from losing weight. She listened to the recommendations for changing her diet and lost 1.5 kg in the first week. As a result I reached my desired weight in 3 months.

Weight gain diet


Age 21 years old. Student, has been doing strength training for 1.5 years. Within two months muscle mass gain and weight gain stopped. Calculated the required number of calories, as well as changed the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Recommendations on nutrition on training and rest days were given. After one week the weight shifted from the dead point. Continues to build muscle mass and is close to achieving the desired weight.

Weight Loss Diet


Age 28 years. Gained weight after taking antidepressants. Work requires an intensive mental load. There is a dependence on "sweets", constant feeling of hunger. Changed her diet in order to overcome craving for sweets. After two weeks, the feeling of hunger reduced considerably, everything started to diminish. In a month she lost 4.5 kg. Now successfully controls her weight.